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Study staff will contact SEED participants that agreed to future contact to tell them about the SEED Follow-Up Study and determine their interest in participating. A representative from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will determine if a family is eligible to be in the study. If a family is eligible and decides to be in the study, the family will be asked to do the following study activities:

Complete Questionnaires

If you agree to take part in the SEED Follow-Up Study, you will be asked to complete questionnaires about your child’s health and development.  You may choose to complete the survey in one of several ways:

  • online through a personalized weblink that would be sent to you
  • someone from the CDC study team can ask you the questions over the phone
  • if you are unable to complete the surveys by phone or email, CNI will discuss other options with you

Once you complete the questionnaires, you or your child might be invited to take part in more surveys. 

Clinic Visit (not for families originally participating in NC or PA)

Families that originally participated in the Colorado or Maryland SEED studies may be asked to do an in-person assessment of their child’s development. The assessment is done by a trained clinician and includes asking the child some questions and/or playing games with him or her. A few weeks after the assessment the family will receive a letter describing the developmental assessment results.