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How to Collect Saliva Samples

Thank you for agreeing to give saliva samples. You should have a kit that contains the following items:

  • Written instructions on how to collect and package saliva samples
  • Consent form(s) (2 copies for each person – one to KEEP and one to SIGN and RETURN)
  • Envelope for each person who needs to collect saliva containing
    • a Saliva Collection Kit
    • a Saliva Sample Record Form
    • a Clear Plastic bag labeled “biohazard” –
    • White, Tyvek envelope labeled “biohazard”
  • Large, padded envelope for packaging and protecting the saliva sample(s)
  • White, Business Reply Envelope addressed to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for returning the Consent Form(s) and the saliva sample(s) to us

If you have questions about how to collect or package the saliva sample(s), call us toll free at: